Brenda Iacocca’s Voice & Guitar Studio Policies

Welcome to Brenda Iacocca’s Voice & Guitar studio for music lessons!  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your musical journey!  Here are a few policies I have developed to make your experience the best it can be.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at c-946-2056. I may not always be available to speak with you directly when I’m teaching, but I will return your call promptly. You can also email me @ bmiacocca@gmail.com.  I check my messages frequently.  Many thanks!

Brenda Iacocca

Studio Policies

1. Scheduling: Music lessons are important to me and I assume to you also.  I set aside my time and arrange my schedule and family schedule to teach, so please be respectful and arrive on time to your lesson.  Each guitar lesson is ½ hour and voice lesson is 45 minutes. The lesson schedule runs from August – June. Summer study is available also. My calendar will be available to view online at: brendaiacocca.mymusicstaff.com


2. Payment: Each lesson is weekly or bi-monthly because music is a cumulative experience. I anticipate each student will attend every week unless a prior arrangement is made.  Payment is preferred monthly in advance.  Online payments, debit or credit payments, cash, check are accepted. ALL 30 MINUTE LESSONS ARE $27. ALL 45 MINUTE LESSONS ARE $41. ALL 60 MINUTE LESSONS ARE $55.


3. Cancellations: Should you need to cancel a lesson, please give me 48 hours notice so I can rearrange my schedule for makeup lessons.  If you do not, I will have to charge you for a missed lesson. The only exception is for illness or emergency.  Please call or text my cell phone 317-946-2056 and leave a message.  I check phone messages throughout the day.


4. Illness: if you are too ill to attend school, please do not come to a lesson!  I am usually quite healthy but let’s keep everyone safe from those ugly germs! I am happy to schedule make up lessons for you. Please call for an appointment. c-317-946-2056.


5. Practice:  Daily practice is ideal for voice and guitar.  Short practices are optimal, 15 – 30 minutes per day will give you the maximum benefits. Three to four times per week at 30 minutes is acceptable.  Less than that will slow your progress.

 Voice Students, please bring a digital recorder or cell phone with a recording app. each week to aide in your practice at home.

Guitar Students: Short 10-15 minute practices are optimal in the beginning to help build callus on your fingers. Practicing more than 15 minutes at first, may cause blisters. If your fingers hurt after 15 minutes, give them a rest. More frequent, short practices are preferred.


6. Music: I have many music books which I am willing to share but you should consider purchasing books to build your own music library. You can buy music at: Carmel Music Center (Main Street, Carmel), Piano Solutions (Carmel Drive off of Range Line Rd) or online@ www.sheetmusicplus.com, www.jwpepper.com, www.amazon.com, www.musicnotes.com, www.sheetmusicdirect.com. If you find any particular music resource you like, please share it!

In addition, there is a copy fee of $25 per year, payable at your second lesson of the year.  I have my own copier and will gladly make you some copies when a book has only one or two usable songs for you.  This will help cover my paper and repair costs as well as help me to keep my books from being lost. 

For all vocal students, please purchase the following books as we will be using them weekly:

*Fundamentals of Sight Singing and Ear Training by Arnold Fish (Julliard School of Music) and Norman Lloyd (Oberlin College Conservatory of Music). Published by Harper & Row, NY, 1964. ISBN # 0-06-042082-0. Cost under $20 – try Amazon.com. Used copies are acceptable and encouraged.

 The following books do not need to be purchased by the first lesson. We can discuss which ones are best for you.

*Practical Method of Italian Singing by Vaccai/Vaccaj : For Soprano /Tenor or Contralto/Basso

Published by:

1) Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics (New Edition)/Hal Leonard Distributors. $4.00

2) Vaccaj Metodo Practico Di Canto by Riccordi/Hal Leonard Distributors with CD - $20


Optional books:

1)      The Teen’s Musical Theatre Collection   Compiled by Louise Lerch, Hal Leonard:  00740077 – Young Women’s Edition (pink cover), # 00740078 Young Men’s Edition (blue cover) $14.95, also available with CD ($25). I highly recommend this book if you like Broadway songs or need audition material.

2)      Musical Theatre Anthology for Teens   Compiled by Louise Lerch, Hal Leonard: 00740157 Young Women’s Edition- book only $14.95, 0074089 Young Women’s Edition, book/CD, $25.95, 0074058 Young Men’s Edition, book, $14.95, 0074090 Young Men’s Edition book/CD, 0074059 Duets/ Book,  00740191 Duets, book/CD $29.95. Another good Broadway resource!

3)      Folk Songs for Solo Singers, vol. 1 or 2 Compiled by Jay Althouse, Alfred Publishing. Co, Inc, ISBN 4952 medium high 4953/medium low: $9.95 book, 16632 medium high 16634 medium low:  $20 book /CD $20.95. Nice arrangements! there are many great books in this series.

4)      Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

     a) Schirmer’s Library Musical Classics Edition: 

Medium High Voice vol. 1722/ Book $5.95 or Medium Low Voice, vol. 1723/ Book $5.95

     b) 26 Italian Songs and Arias  Edited by John Glenn Paton Alfred Publishers-

Medium High # 3402, book $8.95, #3396 Book/CD $19.95

Medium Low # 3403, book $8.95, #3397 Book/CD $19.95

Guitar Students: I will purchase books for you.  I use Basix Series for Guitar by Alfred publishers w/ CD $8.95 and Alfred’s Kids Guitar Method with CD for $14.95.


7. Concert Commitments:  I am a performing musician (I sing with VOCE – www.voceindy.org) and am currently the Mangaing Director, President and Artistic Committee Member.  I am also a Preschool Music teacher as well as your teacher.   I will let you know my performance commitments as soon as possible.  There are no lessons on these evenings. Please check with me about after school lessons. 

 8. Recital: TBA Spring

 9.  School Performances: Please let me know as soon as possible any dress rehearsals or performances you have.  We can schedule around those and I can possibly attend some of your performances!

10.  Education: As an educator, I try to attend as many continuing education workshops as I am able to. I will let you know in advance if a workshop conflicts with our lessons.

 11. School/Family Commitments:  I have children as well but there may be activities that I will need to attend.  I will let you know if they interfere with our lesson and we will reschedule or cancel with no fee.

 12.  Musical Opportunities: I will try to keep apprised of any musical opportunities available locally.  Please share any you know of with me!